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Why Choose Zero Mountain

Zero Mountain is a service organization whose purpose is to allow our customers to fully utilize their production capabilities to produce food products. Our responsibility to our customers is to anticipate our customers' needs, maintain inventories accurately, maintain product integrity, and solve shipping and receiving problems before our customers are aware that a problem exists. To accomplish these goals we must know our business better than anyone else in our industry, and we must know our customers' business in order to anticipate their current and future needs.

5 Marks of Quality
cleanliness cleanliness
distribution distribution
temperature temperature
inventory inventory
quick turnaround

From the outset, Zero Mountain focused on superior performance in every area of its operations, from quality and safety procedures to tracking and shipping systems. This has led to the company occupying a strategic position in the growth and development of the frozen food industry including blast or quick-freezing which can reduce food temperature from +40° F to 0° F in 48 hours. Currently, zero mountain freezes, stores, and ships an estimated two billion pounds of frozen food and meat annually for numerous Fortune 500 companies.