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Facility Manager Office Manager
Bill Kizziar Kay Stephenson
Telephone Fax Line
479.646.7757 479.648.1265
Physical Address Mailing Address
8425 Hwy 45 So.
Fort Smith, Ark
P.O. Box 6209
Fort Smith, Ark

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storage space

  • 5,145,000 cu ft. Freezer
  • 142,500 cu ft. Dedicated Cooler
  • 552,486 cu ft. Staging Area


  • 100% Palletization
  • Ammonia Refrigeration
  • Forced Air Circulation
  • Freezer/Cooler Storage (+38° F to -10° F)
  • Blast & Room Freezing
  • Blast Freezing Capacity 320,000 lbs per 48 hrs
  • Fully RF Computerized Inventory Management, SFTP, AS2 and EDI Capability
  • Product Recall
  • Rail service provided by Arkansas & Missouri Railroad
  • Distribution and Specialized Handling
  • Racked and Bulk Stack Warehouse
  • Import/Export Services
  • Containerized Loading
  • Trans-docking
  • USDA Approved Warehouse
  • USDA Approved Meat & Poultry
  • USDA Federal ID P-3504
  • FDA Approved Warehouse
  • Sanitation audits are performed regularly by the American Sanitation Institute

doors & docks

  • Enclosed Truck and Railcar Doors
  • 2 Refrigerated Shipping/Receiving Docks
  • 1 Refrigerated Speciality Dock
  • 16 Load/Unload Doors
  • 3 Railcar Doors
Fort Smith - "Corporate Office"

Zero Mountain began an expansion program that would sustain its position as an industry leader. A new above ground facility was built in Fort Smith in the late 1980's that incorporated design efficiencies that were unavailable in underground facilities both in terms of quality control and in the ability to track and move food into and out of the facility. That facility now offers 5,124,000 cubic feet of fully convertible space for frozen and controlled temperature foods in which temperature can be set to range from -10° to +45° F. In addition the Fort Smith facility offers blast freezing for up to 320,000 pounds every 48 hours. Two more above ground facilities have been added to the Zero Mountain line up.

Fort Smith Fort Smith Fort Smith Fort Smith Fort Smith Fort Smith Fort Smith
Map & Directions
  1. From I-40 turn south on I-540 toward Fort Smith (Exit 7)
  2. Exit on US-71 South (Exit 12)
  3. Follow US-71 South for 3/8 mile
  4. Turn left on Planters Road
  5. Follow Planters Road for 3/4 mile
  6. Zero Mountain is on the SE corner of Planters Road and Hwy 45
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map to fort smith